Semilla de Jacarandá

A bit about myself

Hello. My name is María José Rocha. I am a recent textile artist. I am also a pediatrician. I am interested in researching textile art as a means to narrate stories related to childhood, motherhood, family bonds, and the reinterpretation of traditions from the present. My greatest source of inspiration is the people who have formed and continue to be part of my own journey. My patients in the pediatric office, my family, friends, and the events of my homeland.

My involvement with textile art has to do with the need to illustrate my own experience of encountering pain, resilience, violence, beauty, resentment, and forgiveness. My need to understand and express. Local and international textile tradition greatly inspire me for their antiquity and their connection to the everyday and the intuitive.

Symbolically, a thread represents the infinite connection with others. A thread can also heal.